Clinics and Programs

Regional Cancer Care Northwest has developed a number of clinics and programs to assist cancer patients and their families. They cover various points of the cancer journey from treatment to recovery and beyond. These programs are designed to help lessen the burden of that journey, and improve overall wellness.

These programs include:

  • BLISS Clinic – Balancing Life, Intimacy, Sexuality and Survivorship
  • Look Good, Feel Better – A free workshop for women facing all types of cancer and cancer treatment.
  • Lymphedema Clinic – For patients who develop or are at risk of developing lymphedema.
  • Palliative Pain and Symptom Clinic – Pain and symptom management for people living with cancer
  • Transition Clinic – Referring medical care back to the primary care provider
  • WE-Can – Wellness and Exercise Program

Find out more about each clinic and program below.

Bliss Clinic: Balancing Life, Intimacy, Sexuality and Survivorship

The BLISS Clinic is a Nurse-led sexuality clinic designed to help patients and/or family members who are dealing with intimacy and sexuality concerns as a result of cancer treatment. The nurse will work with you to find solutions for any physical or emotional issues you are facing. This Nurse-led clinic may involve other members of the health care team including counsellors and doctors.

For more information or to book an appointment, please phone (807) 684-7200 or toll-free 1-877-696-7223.

Download the BLISS Clinic brochure

Look Good, Feel Better

A free Look Good, Feel Better workshop can help you feel more like yourself. This two-hour workshop is open to women facing all types of cancer and all types of treatment. At the workshop you will:

  • learn about cosmetic hygiene, skin care, cosmetics, sun care, and hair alterations
  • receive support and guidance from the program’s expert volunteers
  • connect with other women facing cancer
  • take home a complimentary kit of cosmetics and skin care products

For information, location and to register for a workshop, please contact Supportive Care at (807) 684-7310 or toll-free 1-877-696-7223 ext 7310.

Click the link for more information about Look Good, Feel Better

Lymphedema Clinic

The Lymphedema Clinic is available for cancer patients who develop or are at risk for lymphedema.

A registered physiotherapist trained in lymphedema will develop a customized treatment plan and help you set goals focused on learning lymphedema prevention and self-management skills.

  • The clinic can authorize funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for compression modification devices, covering a portion of the cost
  • Patients travelling from the region may apply for the Northern Health Travel Grant to attend this clinic at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
  • Appointments are scheduled in-person for patients who are in our Hospital or at home and living close. If you live in the region, appointments can be arranged using Telemedicine Services.

For more information, please speak with your doctor and ask about getting a referral to the Lymphedema Clinic.

Palliative Pain and Symptom Clinic

The Palliative Pain and Symptom Clinic provides excellent pain and symptom management for people living with cancer as well as assessing the psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones. The goal is to improve the quality of living and dying for patients and their families who are coping with challenging, advanced, or life-threatening illness.

The team works together with patients and families, providing pain and symptom management at every stage of the patient’s disease.

Patients and families can meet with the team in a few different ways:

  • In-person at the Regional Cancer Centre
  • Connecting through Telemedicine Services from a health facility near the patient’s home
  • Connecting from home using an iPad or tablet and videoconferencing technology

If you would like to be referred to the Palliative Pain and Symptom Clinic, please talk to your health care provider.

If you have questions, you can phone (807) 684-7202 or toll-free 1-877-696-7223 ext. 7202. Email us at

Transition Clinic

When your treatment is complete you may no longer need to see a cancer doctor for your follow-up care. Your cancer doctor will connect you with the Transition Clinic.

The Transition Clinic team will arrange an appointment with you to review your health and treatment summary and recommendations for continued follow-up care with your primary health care provider.

At this appointment you will:

  • learn long-term strategies for monitoring your health
  • learn how to address and manage side effects from cancer treatment
  • learn how to monitor your health for cancer recurrence
  • be given a copy of your treatment summary and recommendations for follow-up. The same document is provided to your primary health care provider (family doctor, family health care team or nurse practitioner).

After transitioning from the Regional Cancer Centre, you can continue to access our patient and family services as needed. Services include supportive care counsellors, registered dietitian, educational resources, supportive clinics and other services.

For more information, please phone (807) 684-7310 or toll-free 1-877-696-7223 ext. 7310.

WE-Can: Wellness and Exercise Program

WE-Can is a 10-week wellness and exercise program for individuals living with cancer. This program is offered to patients of the Regional Cancer Centre who are in active treatment or up to five years post-treatment.

This program offers:

  • individualized exercise programs
  • a positive support network with others undergoing similar cancer treatment
  • a safe, private, small group environment
  • supervision by certified exercise professionals

A referral from your cancer doctor or primary care provider is required. For more information, please speak to any member of your health care team about a referral to the program or contact the WE-Can program directly at (807) 684-7221 or email Kelly-Jo Gillis:

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